If I could TURN BACK time…

Yesterday was Day One of my Design your Dream Real Estate Business Workshop and we had a wide range of experience in the  room from agents who had been 10+ years in real estate to a newbie with just a few months under her belt and of course myself… 23 years (the old timer lol).

The question came up…

What would I say to me, 23 years ago when I was brand new.

Without hesitation I said I would do TWO things.

1.      I would spend as much time and money as I could possibly afford to talk with and learn from mentors… and I would actually LISTEN to them!

2.      I would start my database/CRM from day one and would be very pro-active in adding names to it and mailing to it every month!

WAIT… this is exactly what I did do…Well I could have listened a little better.

Within my FIRST 12 months I joined a coaching and mentoring program.

I went to every possible training class I could attend.

I joined groups and organizations where I knew the successful agents were.

I set up a database program (back in old school days when we had address books).

I mailed (good ole US Postal Service mail) to my database every month for the last 23 years.

And because I was willing to invest TIME AND MONEY into myself and my business is exactly WHY I have done over 3500 transactions in 23 years.

What would you tell you?

I would love to hear over in the comments on my blog at

And if you want to start TODAY investing in yourself…

Come join us at


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Those ANNOYING Newsletters….

If you are anything like me you get a ton of email and good ole junk snail mail. But what we don’t get much of anymore are personal cards and letters.

You know the ones that you used to get from your Grandma or Aunt Sally would send every year at Christmas.

The kind that had all the gossip in it about all your cousins or family friends that you don’t remember?

We used to laugh about it every year but always read every bit of it, mostly I guess because we all have that nosy side to us that wants a peek into other people’s lives.

And frankly it is more exciting than boring newsletters about real estate statistics or sports schedules (well maybe some people like those sports schedules.

I write about whatever happens to be going on in my life. I have written about my kids (boys give you tons of great material), my grandparents, being an empty nester and much more.

They don’t have to be fancy or perfect English or formatted correctly… just like this email.

But here is the real point. What is most important is that you MAIL yes I said good ole fashion SNAIL MAIL… NOT EMAIL… something every month!

I will tell you that this has truly been a HUGE part of my success. I have literally mailed to my database EVERY MONTH for over 20 years.

Now in all honesty, I have missed a few months over the years and have been late on occasion too.

But if you remember the client that I have been talking about the last few days in my emails? This was his recent email to me that started that chain of events:

Hi Marguerite, You were our realtor when we bought our home in Penryn about 15 years ago. Wow! How time flies. I continue to think about you because of those damn annoying monthly newsletters. Don’t stop sending them, I read every one. Well, life is what it is, and it’s time to sell my mom’s house. I will be talking to several realtors but thought you would like first shot at it. Interested? I very much look forward to talking with you.

Mark and Diana

So the bottom line is I have not talked to this particular client in many years but I was able to stay in touch with him and his wife and stay connected to them even if it was a simple monthly letter.

This is what a LIFETIME business looks like…

If you are truly interested in building a LIFETIME business start by going here


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Bill Crane | Are You Willing to Do What It Takes to be Successful?

I could not be more thrilled to have Bill Crane back on the show for another FANTASTIC interview! As a fellow coach and recent author of the book “Generating New Clients,” we never run out of concepts to discuss and tips to share!

As realtors, we spend almost all of our time focusing on the profit, but that’s not always a bad thing. It sounds selfish, right? What about the clients? What about their needs?

Well that’s just it. It’s not about choosing between commission and the client; it’s about recognizing they go hand in hand. Without a profit for both yourself AND your client, there would be no transaction to begin with and no business to grow! The key is in the quality of service you provide while striving for that mutual profit.

Listen as we discuss the importance of valuing our clients and ensuring we are the only ones they ever want to do business with again.

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • Key Components for Marketing
  • How to Master Your Craft
  • The Importance of a Profit
  • Two Rules for Succeeding in Business

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It’s SIMPLE really….

So the story continues….

In talking with my client Mark and the interviews he did with other agents, one of the key questions he asked was what was their marketing plan for selling his home and where would they price it.

Most seller’s think we do little more than put a sign in the yard… sadly in many cases they are right.

Well what I know is it’s simple really… there are really only FOUR things that sell any home right?

  1. Location. The good and the bad is this is what it is… you can’t really change this so it will affect value one way or another. If it’s a great location, such as end of a cul de sac, located on a lake, is in a rural area it can increase the value. It it’s a crappy location such as on a busy street, under a freeway, next to a cemetery, backs to a school or commercial zone it can decrease value. For the record I think I have had every one of these homes lol
  2. Condition. A home in great condition with current updates is usually going to get better offers than a home that needs obvious repairs or updating.
  3.  Marketing. Do you do the typical marketing like most agents… Sign in the yard and enter in MLS? Or do you have a detailed plan and checklist that you follow every time?
  4.  Price. This is where the biggest struggle seems to lie. First and foremost, value is what a buyer is willing to pay in an open market and is usually (but not always) based on comparables of homes of similar condition, location and size (lot and home).

So the real tragedy is most agents have no idea where to price a home and literally take whatever number the seller says and that’s where they price it. And frankly are lucky if it actually sells at that price. But usually it will sit on the market until they somehow convince the seller to reduce the price.

And even worse is they have NO PLAN for marketing a home and continue to do the same ole.. .same ole that they see other agents doing or are too dang lazy to spend anytime not only researching the top ways to market a home (this changes almost on a daily basis) much less create a checklist so there is some consistency to your marketing.

Do you have a marketing plan? Do you have a checklist you follow every time? You can do it yourself or…

If not, we have a few editable samples that I have used and developed on my team for the last 20 years that helped me get this most recent MILLION DOLLAR listing inside the MasterClass Real Estate Academy.

You can check them out here:

Always finding ways to improve…


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“You were nothing short of AMAZINGNESS today!!! Thank you so much. So inspiring and great information for me and everyone else I am sure of it.”
Beckie H