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I don’t remember how it started but as far back as I can remember I have been a list writer, a goal setter, a journaler.

I would always have a little note book and would write things down, from what I have to do today to what I want for the future. I have literally hundreds of journals boxed up and on my shelves.
14494705_10154771082259384_1528121361836871405_nWhen I was 15 years old I went to a friend’s house who lived in the country and lived on a five acre ranch and I thought WOW… someday I want that!

I went home and wrote in my journal that by the time I am 30 years old (which seemed really old at 15) I want to have a FIVE acre ranch.

In 1993 Joe and I had Jordon and decided we wanted to get out into the country to raise our son. We started looking for a home on a little bit of land near his mom in Loomis. We looked for about a year and were getting frustrated, when I came across a classified ad in the good ole fashioned newspaper… remember those?

It said:
Bank Repo. Fixer on 5 Acres. Seller Financing.

I called the agent, got the address and raced out to the house. It was way out Sierra College and I came across a small wooden sign at the end of a dirt road.

As I traveled down the dirt road I came around the corner and saw this HUGE Oak tree with a tree house and I fell in love at first sight.

I drove up the driveway and saw this bright yellow house. I parked my car and walked around the house and peeked in the windows and saw14370413_10154771082339384_7500609791807886901_n a huge kitchen.

I called Joe and said … we are buying a house! He laughed and said no we aren’t. Well you can guess who won.

Even better was I had just received my shiny new real estate license in the mail. I got to write my very first contract on our new home. By the way… seller financing interest rate was 10% and we were happy to get it at that time.

Every year for the last 23 years I walk out and give that Old Oak Tree a big ole hug and thank her guarding our own little piece of heaven!

After telling my friend Lisa this story she made me this beautiful sign to post on the Oak tree. It means so much to me and is a great reminder of how important how big what sometimes seems like little things really are.

I would love to hear your favorite story about your home… Send me an email or give me a call.



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Nick Raithel | The Business Card No One Will Throw Away

What a great chat with the creator of the 7-Hour Book, Nick Raithel! Nick’s team is helping real estate agents all over the country get the recognition they deserve by assisting them develop their own professionally-published book in very little time. Who wouldn’t want to add the title ‘Author’ to their bio?!

Do you have brilliant ideas rolling around in your head? We all have years of experience, success, trials, and methods that have guided us through the ups and downs of the real estate industry. A book is your own personal real estate. Not only can it help your business survive, it can help it thrive. What better way to leave behind your personal legacy than through your very own book?

Nick shares the value writing a book can bring to your business from lead development, to recognition, and ultimately giving you the chance to stand out within your niche and market area. So get to writing and I can’t wait to read everyone’s books!

Show Features
Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Value in Finding Your Niche
  • How to Leave Behind a Credible Legacy
  • The Promotional Benefits of Writing Your Own Book
  • How Your Book Can Make Your Business Thrive

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I’m Not the ONLY One…

So it seems that yesterday’s post about Negative Nelly and Positive Peggy hit a nerve or a few of them.

I had tons of responses and comments about your same struggles with the CROWD in your head.

But here are a few I chuckled at and a couple that made me think…

Richie Naggar said “Imagine there are parades one after another. You can watch them or join them. Watch those thoughts… don’t cartoon-party-people-crowdactivate them. Pausing, meditating and learning about your small, gentle, still inner voice & conscience prompts will checkmate those non-stop thoughts you speak so well of.. Less thinking, more objectivity”

Richard Iarossi said: “Sometimes I feel like I’m never alone with all the voices going on in my head. You become what you think, so stay positive.

Brian Sirota, Esq cracked me up when he said “Where is Annie Arbitrator when you need her?    ;-)”

Dorte Engel has the best idea “Too cute for words. I liked Brian Sirota’s idea too. Maybe add Molly, the mediator, Debbie the ditz head, Sally, the super hero & a few others to the mix. Pretty soon it will look like a road trip with all of your girlfriends.”

But really loved what Sham Reddy had to say “Great advice!!! Stop comparing yourself to others… Stop listening to Nelly… Build your OWN version of success that works for YOU! Keep moving… Keep doing the work… It will be worth it

The bottom line is we all struggle with the constant chatter in our heads and it is important that you find a way to get ALL THE CAST of characters out of you head.

What you will find is that the TRUE MAGIC IS IN THE MOMENT!

It is that moment when you are just moving forward, doing the work, engaged in a conversation where you are not constantly checking your phone, up in your head, instead of listening… you are WAITING to speak….

My favorite line I have ever heard and I apologize I don’t know who to give credit to is…


Get out of your head and GET INTO THE MOMENT! It’s where the MAGIC happens!

It’s a daily struggle for me but it’s worth it….



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Get OUT of my Head

If you are anything like me, there is this constant chatter going on up in my head. It is a non-stop conversation I have with who I call Negative Nelly (my alter ego).

Nelly is very loud and obnoxious.

Basic RGB

I don’t really like Nelly very much as she never has anything nice to say.

She is constantly telling me everything I am doing wrong such as:

“What were you thinking when you said that”


“Nobody is listening to your podcast, it’s horrible”

“Do you really think anyone wants to hear your training about that”

“Are you ever going to get off your behind and get that done”

“Did you see how many houses Bob sold? Why aren’t you as good as Bob?”

‘Carolyn’s Kids just won another award, You should have been a better Mom”

“I’m sure that client chose a different agent”

“You are looking a little puffy today, might want to pick a different outfit”

Nelly goes on and on about everything I’m doing wrong and questions every single decision I make always telling me what I could or should have done better

And it is really annoying!

And then there is Positive Peggy.

Peggy is my inner voice, my inner intuition… my soul you could say.

Peggy is pretty and quiet and sits in the background waiting for me to talk to her.

Peggy loves to tell me how amazing I am and how I really should listen to her more often.

When I listen to Peggy my life seems to go in a much more positive and inspiring path.

Peggy says things like…

“You can do it!”

“You are amazing”

“The world needs you”

“These agents really need help”

“Keep Moving… Keep doing the work… it will be worth it I promise”

“You’re a great mom, wife, friend, agent”

But Peggy gets drowned out a lot by Nelly as Nelly and I frequently have this inner battle over who will win in the end.

So I came up with an analogy that helps me out.

I am sure you have seen those cartoons where the DEVIL is sitting on one should and the ANGEL is sitting on the other.

Well in my opinion the DEVIL is Nelly that horrible voice inside my head.

The ANGEL is Peggy who sits inside my heart and is my spirit whispering to me.

I came up with a story I tell myself to help keep Nelly at bay.

Imagine you are going one a road trip for the next EIGHT hours and Nelly jumps in the car. And she starts rattling off all the stuff wrong with you today.

How long would you continue to ride with her?

In the old days, I might have ridden the whole way with her, but as I have grown older and have learned to listen to Peggy more….

I slam on the breaks and pull the car over and push her out of the passenger door. Likity split!

Get out of my HEAD Nelly!

So either this sounds like you to or I need to check myself into the Psych ward!

But if it is you… I’m gonna talk to you like Peggy would and tell you, that the real estate industry NEEDS people just like you.

People who genuinely care about what is best for their clients.

People who give back to their community and their world every day

People who are kind and considerate

People who go the extra mile

People just like YOU!

Stop comparing yourself to others… Stop listening to Nelly… Get her out of your head….Build your OWN version of success that works for YOU!

Keep moving… Keep doing the work… It will be worth it… I promise!



P.S. If you want help to really change the way you are doing things… join Peggy and I in No Negative Nelly’s allowed!


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“You were nothing short of AMAZINGNESS today!!! Thank you so much. So inspiring and great information for me and everyone else I am sure of it.”
Beckie H