Jim Fortin | The “Right” Brain Selling Approach!

America’s Mind Expert, owner of Mind Authority, Inc. and Founder of The Sales Psychology Academy, Jim Fortin popped in for this week’s #podcast episode of #RealEstateRealWorld!

Hands down, one of THE MOST fascinating interviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing.

Listen in as Jim breaks down how modern science has proved Traditional Selling is DEAD and why you should be using a “Right” Brain Subconscious approach to cut down your selling cycle and increase conversion.

Your mouth will drop when you hear what 99% of agent’s are doing when meeting with buyers/sellers that sets them up for failure…and they don’t even know they’re doing it!

Using Neuro-Linguistics, advanced hypnotic technique along with brain and behavioral science, Jim has merged these areas of expertise into a new HIGHLY effective persuasion technology and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

So many impactful thoughts shared in this episode and you’re not going to want to miss any of it!

Show Takeaway’s:

  • The power of Social Framing and how it increases sales
  • What 99% of agents do in a listing presentation that set’s them up for failure
  • What is pack order and why it’s so important
  • Two biggest Fears EVERYONE has and how to overcome them

Items Mentioned in this Episode:

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Seth Price | Leveraging Digital Marketing for Ultimate Success!

Press play and soak it up…this #podcast episode is chock-full of info nuggets!

It was an absolute honor and pleasure to sit down with 20 year digital marketing pro and current Vice President of Industry Relations for, Seth Price in this week’s #realestaterealworld podcast episode!

So many “AHA” moments throughout the 30 minutes we spent together!

If you’re a tech junky you’ll LOVE IT and if you run from the thought of technology….you’ll REALLY LOVE IT!

Technology can be overwhelming, but must be embraced if you want to compete in today’s market.

Listen to Seth explain the 2 MAJOR shifts in technology that brought Placester to life and what they’re doing to help real estate professionals worldwide leverage digital marketing with ease.

Show Takeaway’s:

  • The importance of nurturing clients and why most agent’s fail in this area
  • The 3 Technology’s EVERY Agent MUST have
  • Why automation shouldn’t be scary
  • The 2 purposes every website should serve
  • How to use digital marketing to create massive success

Items mentioned in this episode:

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Randy Tobbe | From Chaos to Clarity Using Automation & Systems!

Are you running your business like a business?

Systems, processes, checklists? Oh my!

Meet the ULTIMATE system guy and my guest on this episode, Randy Tobbe!

Randy sits as Vice President and the driving force behind one the most powerful transaction management platforms, Realty Commander which has exploded on the scene by offering agent’s, teams and brokers an all-in-one solution to the most of common challenges real estate professionals face on a daily basis…it also happens to be the very program I use for my business and team!

Being on the forefront of technology in the Real Estate Industry listen in as Randy breaks down where tech is taking us, the emerging changes he see’s coming our way and how Realty Commander is planning for the future to make your job easier!

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

– What is one of the biggest friction points for real estate agents.
– The challenges we face as agents.
– What can you do to become more efficient and close more deals.
– How the client experience affects your bottom line.
– Changes you need to be aware of and how you can take advantage of them.
– Tip on open house you don’t want to miss!

Items Mentioned in This Episode:
Realty Commander
Dean Jackson
The Emyth by Michael Gerber

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Ashley Haney | Not Everyone is a Good Fit…

It seems when it comes to real estate brokerages there are the huge companies and then there are the small boutique brokerages. The great thing is there is plenty of room for both and Ashley Haney is changing the way things are done in the boutique brokerages and is making a name for herself as one of the top up and coming companies! The key component is knowing who is a good fit and who isn’t and being confident enough to know the difference and be okay with saying no!

Listen in as we chat with Ashley about what is different about her company and why it’s different.

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“You were nothing short of AMAZINGNESS today!!! Thank you so much. So inspiring and great information for me and everyone else I am sure of it.”
Beckie H