George Cuevas | Leading with Value!

Where do I begin with this episode?! George Cuevas, the big, bad marketing expert himself, shared SO much insight into our industry today. From the way technology has completely changed the game for us, to the importance of recognizing ourselves as entrepreneurs in this business.

He shares the biggest question facing our industry today – How do we deliver value to buyers and sellers?

We are so focused on lead generation and getting that next listing, we don’t realize that leads are not the problem. Communication, effort, and valuing ourselves as realtors will be what makes or breaks that sale.

Everything we do shapes the way we are viewed as realtors from iPhone MLS photos to the amount of preparation put into a listing presentation. How can we expect the consumer to value our knowledge if we don’t value ourselves first?

Want some answers to these questions? Take a listen and find out more.


Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • The Ins & Outs of Social Media
  • Building Your Business Around the Value Offered
  • The Disruption Facing Our Industry Today & How to Change It
  • What Buyer/Sellers Are Looking For In a Realtor

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Leigh Brown | More Than Houses

With 75 million dollars in sales under her belt last year, Leigh Brown and I shared one of the funniest and most thought provoking recordings yet! Her honesty was so on point when it came to the direction our industry is headed. If we want to see a change, we need to be willing to be that change. Get involved, take the time to advocate for our industry, and we’d all be better for it.

We get such a bad rep as realtors because brokerages focus on the number of agents they hire instead of how many of those agents are capable of succeeding in this business. We are the only industry where likability trumps competency!

Listen in as we discuss the importance of being authentic realtors from our involvement in our community, our business organization, and our client connections.

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • Why 85% of Agents Get Out of the Business After 2 years
  • Making Competency more important than Likability
  • 2 Key Factors that lead to Success
  • How to be proactive instead of reactive

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Building a Business in Service to Your Life!


What an honor and pleasure to be a guest on Marguerite Giguere’s podcast show, Agent Stories!

It’s not often I meet someone who share’s my name and to top it off we share the same passion for Real Estate!

Marguerite is a young up and comer from the Tacoma Area in Washington State.  She’s doing some AMAZING things and was recently nominated for Inman Innovator Awards for 2016!

The hour FLEW BY and we covered some GREAT topics, like:

  • The Myth of having balance between life and business
  • My TOP PICKS for books and podcasts
  • The importance of having a team
  • How to get help, even if you don’t have the budget for it

Take 60 minutes and listen in as we dive into the Real World of Real Estate!

Listen Now!

Learn more about Marguerite on the Podcast Episode I did with her at

I’d love to hear your feedback…comment below and don’t forget to spread the word by sharing!

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Joshua Smith | Be Intentional & Get Sh*t Done!

Fellow coach, Joshua Smith, has such an awesome philosophy that I love for both business and life – GET SH*T DONE! We all have business plans and goals for success, but we spend SO much time discussing our plans that we never get anything done. Let’s stop talking about these great plans and go out and GET THEM DONE!

We packed this podcast full of energy and incredible content on health, success, and goals. As someone that has sold 5,000 plus homes, Josh shares some of his secrets to success and why he focuses solely on 90 day goals.

Take a listen to find out what you need to be doing to create YOUR best life as your BEST self. Be intentional about accomplishing your goals and start by giving this podcast a listen!

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • Josh’s Secrets to Success
  • 3 Ways to Make Every Day a Win
  • Why 90 Day Goals Are More Effective Than Annual Goals
  • Implementation is Key

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“You were nothing short of AMAZINGNESS today!!! Thank you so much. So inspiring and great information for me and everyone else I am sure of it.”
Beckie H