Tomorrow… Next week….Someday… One of these days…

It’s a common theme of procrastinators.

I’m going to get to that.

I’m going to get my database set up.

I’m going to create a process for that.

I’m going to get my business plan done before the end of the year FOR SURE!

How many times have you said that?

How many times will you say it again?

A few weeks back I spoke to an agent who has been in the business for 30 years… yep 30 years. Wow I said that’s longer than me. You must have quite a database.

Her response… Oh you know I have always wanted to get that done and I swear I am going to get that done soon.

My response… No you won’t. She laughed and said yeah you’re probably right.

Tragic! Because I know how much money she is missing out on by NOT having her database together and some simple systems in place that could likely double and triple her business.

But that’s okay there is just more for me… and those who attend my upcoming workshop.

Will you be there or will you be talking about tomorrow again… 30 years from now?

Here’s the link in case you want to stop procrastinating.


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Don’t Take it the Wrong Way…

Seems to be a lot of chatter lately (at least in my neck of the woods)
about how the market seems to be “slowing down”…

Listings are sitting longer, buyers are holding off…yada, yada, yada!

So me being a numbers gal, I popped on the MLS and ran a TrendsReport to check the stats here in my local market… Yikes!!!

Based on the stats, the market IS slowing…

Maybe it’s the time of the year? Maybe it’s another bubble?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but…I don’t really care…

If you’re doing the right things and build your business the right way you will never be effected by market conditions…REMEMBER THAT!

 Agent’s that don’t have systems, processes, checklists and structure in place get exposed in down markets, while those that do, THRIVE!

I have been in the game for 23+ years and have successfully closed over 3500 deals!  I have weathered every type of market there is, and had some of my best years in the worst economies.

So what’s my secret? 

I’ll break it down to 4 simple rules…

Real estate is always changing, technology is always changing! Agent’s that become complacent get left in the dust.

When you start thinking you know it all…get ready for reality to smack you in the face!

I’ve literally spent tens of thousands of dollars educating myself on new products, training’s, coaching and anything else I could get my hands on to better my business.

You can evolve, learn and invest till the cow’s come home but the biggest pitfall most agent’s face is speed of implementation. 

Here’s the deal, so much talk and training in our industry focuses strictly on lead generation and not enough about how to actually run a successful and profitable business like:

  • Goal Setting 
  • Time Management 
  • How to Market Effectively 
  • How to Create a Business Plan
  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Systems & Processes that Create Consistency 
  • How to Provide the BEST Client Experience
  • How to Generate Repeat & Referral Business

How do you think your business and life would change if you MASTERED these areas?  Stop thinking short term about getting leads, start thinking long term and Build the Real Estate Business you’ve always dreamed about. 

One with consistency, structure and processes in place that allow you to take time off, make more money and LOVE what you do!

So you REALLY want to know what I do?

Then here’s your chance to learn first-hand, face-to-face with me:)

I’m holding a LIVE 2 Day Event in Roseville, CA in just a few short weeks and limiting the number of people to just a small group so we can really dig in deep and work individually on YOUR business and YOUR version of success.

I want you there for a couple of reasons:

  1. I love giving back and can’t wait to see the results you get when you start running your business like a business. 
  2. I plan on doing more of these events and need you’re awesome results as case studies for potential attendees in the future.

There is a fee, because I don’t work for free:) (neither do you) But it’s a small investment, so don’t panic!

I’ve put together a page for you to view all the details about date, time and everything we’ll be covering just click the link below and get teleported there. 

I’m truly looking for action takers that are motivated and have an open mind whether you’re brand new, burnt out or anything in between.


Take action, better your craft and invest in yourself!

 Hope to see you there.


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Jay Thompson | All Things Zillow

I think we all have a love/hate relationship, myself included, with Zillow. That’s what makes having Zillow’s own Jay Thompson as a guest on my show so valuable! Jay explained what Zillow brings to the table in terms of benefiting agents, consumers, and Zillow alike.

The biggest problem most real estate agents have with Zillow is the fear they will take over the industry and make real estate agents obsolete. As Jay said, “There is no success in eliminating our customers.” A big part of their revenue is the impressions and advertisements agents pay for. Zillow strives to bring consumers and agents together to form connections. It is OUR job as agents to step up our game, take those connections, and use our expertise to land that sale!

Not only did I learn so much more about Zillow and everything they have to offer, but Jay shared some great tips on how to utilize the site for free advertisement, establish a greater presence online, and ultimately gain leads without paying a dime! Take a listen and leave us some feedback; we’d love to hear from you!

Show Features

Here are some of the key takeaways you get from this episode.

  • Profiting from a Process
  • The Fortune in the Follow-Up
  • Ins & Outs of Zillow Reviews
  • The Value of a Quick Response


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Blah…. blah…. blah…..

Every day I get barraged with emails, Facebook posts and much more about the newest whizzbang magic pill that is going to change my business and my life.

Telling me how, If I just buy this program or that gadget, script, sign, webinar or flavor of the day.

I know what you are saying… but Marguerite you send us emails every day too.

And you’re right!

Because here are TWO UGLY truths…

  1. Sales people are the easiest people to sell something to.
  2. You won’t do the work anyway

Here’s how I know this…..

I’m a sales person too (or consultant or advisor or whatever the heck we are calling ourselves now).

And here is what I know…

For over 20 years I have given away my Client Discussion Checklist and Buyer’s presentation.

The same one I have used with LITERALLY thousands of clients and had over 3500 successful transactions with… I have GIVEN IT AWAY! I am not lying when I say it is worth MILLIONS of dollars in commissions I have generated over the years…. MILLIONS!

And you know what percentage of people ACTUALLY use it?

I would say LESS THAN 1%.

Now isn’t that just craziness? So I stopped giving it away and charged for it. Mainly because it’s WORTH IT!

But as sales people we are always looking for the quick buck… the fast money… the magic pill… the secret sauce!

Wanna know the SECRET?

There is NO SECRET.

You have to do the work! You take one great thing from and you IMPLEMENT IT and you do it over and over and over again until you MASTER it and then you do it over again.

And then all of a sudden you realize you have closed over 3500 transactions.

That’s the Secret….

And truthfully you don’t even have to buy my program, you can pick from anyone… anything…. But my stuff is really good and it worksJ

So go pick one today at and get hustling.

But you probably won’t do that either…said with love and hugs!


P.S. I’m working on discovering that magic pill but in the meantime be warned the price is going up tomorrow. So if you want to procrastinate… you will pay more for the good stuffJ

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“You were nothing short of AMAZINGNESS today!!! Thank you so much. So inspiring and great information for me and everyone else I am sure of it.”
Beckie H